Injector Line Heater

Here we have silicone tape sandwiching some welding wire. 8ft of this wire gave me about 1.2 Ohms of resistance which comes out to around 10 amps of heating power. It actually worked pretty well, and the tape didn't melt or misbehave, but when it came time to install the heater on the injection lines it was too stiff. So next I used 30ga heavy thermaleze / cotton cover insulated cupron which wrapped around the injector lines very nicely over a layer of silicone. I will pick up some high heat wire connectors and wrap silicone around the top. This wire is 2.94 Ohms per ft so the wiring will be done in parallel connecting 6, 2 amp, individual heaters creating a 12amp heating system. Thank you Mun and Tyler for helping me pass electromagnetism.



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