Kick UP the BASSierness

I read an Amazon review about the Yamaha KU100 Beaterless Silent Kick Unit stating that the max volume it produced seemed to be at about half what it should be.  That reviewer was right on the money, the KU100 has a voltage divider that cuts the signal exactly in half.  The output signal gets a 100K Ohm connection to both the positive and the negative leads from the piezo.  Second place prize goes to all the other reviewers who said that the pedal is mushy and quiet.

I de-divided the divider and now it has a solid feel and packs a beefy punch, like it should.  I jumped the circuit from the positive piezo lead to the tip connection on the TRS jack by soldering in the red wire you see in the top image. I used a long wire just in case I ever want to add a potentiometer to tone it down, but right now it sounds just right.