VT or Bust; now Home Run.

It's been hazy at best all weekend... so the water isn't pumping too high, but the fountain is fully assembled and done. When the sun is shinning the water pumps over twice as high as Jeter. This morning I removed a paper towel from one of the flags that said in big letters "Let's GO RED SOX." Next I'll find a Red Sox jersey under the base...


Batter Up

The Jeter Figurine is mounted and ready to go. The solar cell is at an angle to get the most direct sunlight. The pump sits below, pushes water up inside the black tube along the white metal stand and sprays it out of home plate through the spigot. At the base of the stand is a rubber stopper to hold everything in place, including the water in the dish! Conveniently, in winter, the entire kit and caboodle can come out, draining the water, and it can be stored inside.

ONE CATCH (punny), Jeter is in CT and the fountain is in VT! But another trip up to VT is not the end of the world.


Diva Land

Apparently you cannot buy Jeter Figurines at any store in Vermont. The little centerpiece in the bowl will have to wait... along with the stopper that both plugs the center hole and holds the platform for the magic. So, for now, it's a sculpture along with my two other works that have been graciously hosted by the DivaMan.

I created a foundation to support the weight of the fountain, ease the grass trimming, and tie the whole work together. I dug a 4'+ diameter circle about 5" deep, ran a ring around the perimeter with circular edging blocks, filled the rest in with stone mulch and 5 thick pavers for each corner of the base.