Axe Bench

Stonington Seamworks has opened up a store front, Emerald Lotus, in the Borough of Stonington CT. The store is filled with gorgeous fabrics from Thailand that are hanging and sewn into pillows, pants, drapes, blankets, wall hangings, sarongs, everything. They asked for a custom bench to hold their beautiful Thai Axe Pillows. I tweaked my normal super industrial look to be a more modern streamlined Thai design. I studied Thai bench design on the internet and in the end, the pillow and bench complement each other well. Please visit the store if you are in town.

New to the shop is a Jepson dry cutting metal miter saw, thank you Jack, and it makes super precise cuts to make the bench as true and straight as can be.


I'll Explain Later



I delivered the table. With the Ultra flat surface of the granite I found that the table was still twisted about an 8th of an inch over its 48 inch length. With angle iron or wood, the heavy granite would even everything out, but with the 2 inch square tube it had an annoying rock. The beautiful old wood floor in the house wasn't perfectly even either, so I'm going to deliver some shims to make everything sit nicely. Right now we are using quarters, but in this case the extra $1.75 doesn't really add to the value of the table and the shims will be nicer.

When we first assembled the table we used little rubber tabs under the granite and felt pads under the legs, but it sprung around like crazy with all this squishy material. Now it is solid material everywhere, making firm contact with the floor and provides a sturdy surface.


Sign Sealed

Took 6.5 hours to build. I learned that 2" Square tube is nowhere as forgiving as 1" angle iron, which I use more often. Pretty obvious in hindsight, unfortunately I also learned that the floor in my shop, that I build the table on, is not completely level. It's all squared up now.

Ken is going to do the rusting and wax finishing himself. I have to pick up some rubber for the granite to sit on and some felt for the feet.


New Projo

I'm doing a fun quick job for a fellow Velvet Miller, Ken Steinkamp ... my Studio is in what is called the American Velvet Mill, currently up for sale? Want to buy it? Also, I can never think of the name Ken without Stuttering it, like Otto in a Fish Called Wanda. "It's KaKAKAkakaKAKen, coming to KkakaAKAKkakill me."

Well, this Ken isn't coming to kill me, he's a great guy, and a great artist, but you don't have to take my word for it... Check out

In his kitchen he has a Gorgeous piece of Granite that he hired me to weld up a simple table base for. He and his wife talked me through the dimensions and it's on its way. Pictures to follow.

In the meantime, check out KakakaKAKAken's paintings, they are jam packed with energy and are really exciting works that evoke tangible feelings. Each one hits home on an individual nerve like acupuncture for emotions. I'm not just saying this because he hired me, it's good stuff.