Custom Fit

The 7/8 14 UNF fittings for the gargantuan Racor Filter were unavailable from the Sprawl Mall from Stonington to New London, and most places barely new what I was talking about. I ended up unscrewing the 1/2" Push-on fittings, cutting of the barbs, and tapping my own holes to screw in the 3/8 barbs needed. I put 2 giant hose clamps around the Pex tubing on the top and bottom of the wrap, screwed the new fittings in, bolted the filter in place, and coated the whole thing with thick shiny foam insulating tape to lock in the heat. I had the same luck in finding a flange to barb fitting locally (for the diesel-out on top of the filter) so I made one out of a piece of copper tubing. It's that long piece sticking out of the diesel filter that will be trimmed the next time I look at it in person.



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