Washington Heights Table

I help a lot of people move with my van. Maybe I've helped you move!? During the last move I did, my friend was carrying in a piece of furniture, and her new housemate said, "I have all the same furniture you have! Isn't that funny?" Well, not really... all of their furniture was from Ikea, as is most of New York City's. Not to knock Ikea, though. I actually find myself there often, as well. They have unbeatable prices and innovative designs. However, you can't escape the homogenizing factor. Also, what happens when you need a table of particular dimensions and it's nowhere to be found? Back to the good old days!

Someone needed a table to fit in a corner in her kitchen and could not find one that was the right size. She contacted me after her mother saw the table I built for Ken Steinkamp. I designed a table for her using square steel tubing for the base and a plyboo (bamboo plywood) top. I tried to reclaim the top from an old piece of furniture, but it seems like the vast majority of sideboards, desks, bed headboards, etc. max out at 20". This one needed to be 22". The dimensions are 42"(length) x 22"(width) x 36"(height). I gave the steel a black patina and wax finish. I stained the top and sealed it with a poly finish.

The top photo is the finished table outside my studio. The next is a closeup of the Plyboo top. The third is in its new home. The last image is the Sketchup drawing created before the building process starts.