New York to San Francisco.... and back

I just recently returned from San Francisco.  I stayed for 3 weeks and was the assistant to Patrick Dougherty on his sculpture The Upper Crust.  He was hired by the San Francisco Art Commission to build a sculpture outside of City Hall.  This is my third time working with Patrick, and each time has been more exciting than the last.  These sculptures are amazingly rewarding to work on, you are in constant contact with nature in its rawest state.  The sculpture was build using willow woven into the tops of pollarded sycamore trees.  When the Sycamores bloom they will shoot through the scupture.  San Francisco Mike does an amazing service for the city with his sfciviccenter blogspot.  Check out his last entry of the sculpture at  San Francisco Mike took the photo I used in this blog entry.


Glassed from the Past

A photo of the finished product.  In other news... the studio is moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  See you at the local flea market!  I'm going to cater my work for the NYC area.  We're talking furniture, lighting, and small apartment sized art.  I hope to add more and more found objects into my work.  Think post-apocalyptic mad max with a sleek refined artistic sensitivity.

Also, I started playing bass for the amazing singer/songwriter Iyadede, check out this video from our first show ever:

My new studio is large enough to accomodate a private music rehearsal space complete with gear.  If you don't play terrible music come rent it by the hour!