Personal Hero

Last night Paul Chapman became a personal hero of mine. He stayed late in the Velvet Mill and helped me "stuff" the trailer/office into the way back of the studio. Even with years of NYC parking skills under my belt, when I thought the final zig zags wouldn't get the trailer the rest of the way in, I was wrong, he was right. He said, "You've never stuffed airplanes into a hanger?!?," I haven't! He has!

Another "side-hero" of mine is the cop that was a couple cars behind me while I was pulling the possibly unregistered with possibly non-working lights trailer with my underpowered 60hp diesel Isuzu P'pup. Which, just last night broke 470,000 miles (yes, almost half a million). I thank the cop for understanding the upcoming Holiday spirit and not pulling me over.


Picking Up The Trailer/Office

After dreaming of owning a classic trailer for 4+ years now, I am finally picking one up tomorrow! It's old and it's made by Decamp, that's about all I will be able to tell the DMV. I found it on, went to look at it twice, and have had no less than 20 emails with the current owner. I hope to park it in the way back of my new studio space in the Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT. There it will be used as an office (Photoshoping/Video Editing/Electronic Music Production), safe storage, eye candy, and maybe one day I will put it back on the road. It's pretty much totally gutted right now and I am going to finish the job and add the fit and finish to make it a respectable'ish office.