CityScape Coffee Table

I've been waiting to build a table with this wood for a long time.  I found these planks in a dumpster and immediately recognized their potential to support a sheet of glass even though they have zillions of cuts and abnormalities.  The table creates a frame for the wood and the glass rests flush with the steel.  The cuts in the wood look like streets and create what looks like a birds-eye-view of a city.  This table is currently used for display and on sale at Teich at 22 8th Ave in the West Village.  I added a final photo below of one of the custom shelves I made for Teich to fit into their beautiful pegboard display case.  Please stop by the store and say, "Hi!"  They are great people with an awesome selection of goods.  Or, visit online at


Simple Incense Holder

Try to find a really simple, but nice, incense holder... somehow they are all decorated with really tacky designs. I designed and built this one to be as straight forward as possible.


TV Stand for an LP Fan!

Here is a TV stand that hosts a collection of records. It has glass ends to hold them in and a bamboo top. The top has its edge exposed to show how awesome bamboo plywood looks!


From the curb to the Storefront...

Here are some storefront creations I made for Sparrow Salon & Body Work; a menu holder and a decorative tree. All the steel is from my scrap pile of found treasures. It's fun to work from odd pieces like this because you don't have to worry about being 100% precise, you just eyeball it and weld it all up. A hammer usually fixes things you don't like.


Product Shelves

Sparrow Salon & Body Work now sells products! They needed a way to display their goods so I drew up a plan and built this arrangement. The glass is re-used from a neighborhood store that was moving and I made my design fit the dimensions of the glass. I put their chest on wheels so that it could slide in and out of its opening. I added some images of the building process so show the long steel wire I used to keep the shelves square and the setup technique I used to weld on the tabs to hold the glass shelf perfectly flush with the frame.


Advent Candlestick Holder

I was asked by the Lutheran Church of the Messiah to make an Advent Candlestick Holder for the ceremonies leading up to Christmas. I don't do much blacksmithing in my shop so I found myself at a fence supply store grabbing prefabbed elements that I could weld to a salvaged lamp stand to create a complete piece. I found some glass candlestick holders, threw it all together, and voila!


"Without" Table

I built a coffee table for a number-crunching accountant and I wanted to incorporated some math themes into the design. I came up with this diagonal-based design, but thought I would have to calculate some unfriendly decimal sizes to get it all to look right. However, I asked her for some dimensions and when all the dust cleared I actually ended up with integer lengths for all the elements of the table, even though it's all at a bizarre angle!


Found Object Chandelier

Together with Caroline we transformed a discarded lamp shade into a chandelier for Sparrow Salon & Bodywork. We found a lighting store in Williamsburg that had all the inner workings that we needed. We put it on a dimmer so you can crank it up for checking out highlights or turn it down low for ambiance during a massage.