VW Golf MKII Brake Proportioning Valve fix OR rebuild OR replace OR o-ring OR repair OR diagram OR half-cut OR.......

Did you type the title of this post into Google only to find no instructions for rebuilding your leaking VW brake proportioning valve? I did! Well, rest assured, you don't have to spend $140+ for a new one. You can just clean it out and put new o-rings in it. Mine was leaking in the middle, where there is an o-ring band around it. I assumed that this is where the whole thing screwed apart, but I found that the o-ring actually just covered a tiny tiny hole. It screws apart from the top and you just yank that brass plunger piece out with some needle-nose pliers. The top of the brass plunger has what looks like a screw driver slot, but trust me, turning it with a screw driver does nothing. Pull it out, clean it up, get new o-rings, put it back together, fixed. My o-rings looked fine at first glance, but after further investigation I saw tiny striations that were letting the brake fluid by.

P.S. If you find yourself replacing a starter on a 3rd generation Jetta (or probably others), support the engine with a jack or some stands... those clever Germans thought it was a hoot to use the bolts from the starter to also hold the engine to the engine mount.


R.I.P. My dearest Vambulance, Vanessa.

Dear Vanessa,

The last photo I saw of you was taken by a traffic cam on Queens Blvd as we blasted through a red light. Your photo was footed with identifying times and numbers resembling a mug shot! It was unbearable seeing you depicted like that. Where is the humanity. Money never really meant anything to you, and it surely doesn't now, but together, that day, we made the City of New York 50 bucks richer. Although at times things were rough, we really did have a good go of it, and you are missed. On SNL they reported that James Brown's body was not cremated, but rather donated to fix other sex machines... may your soul live on in the drivetrains of other Vambulances.

Your Captain,


May it bring you some peace that Stacey Gottlieb did a wonderful write up of our time at the Scope art scene. This is how I shall remember you, http://www.nyfa.org/nyfa_current_detail.asp?id=17&fid=1&curid=844.