Sticking to it...

With the ongoing support and generosity of Patrick Dougherty I was able to take on this project in the Northeast Kingdom.  The homeowners have taken their house and flipped it inside-out with a creative force second to none.   Elements of nature are found throughout, and I was asked to build a nest-like window seat enclosure in the living room!  With a theme like this it is easy to "go Epcot," but it was truly amazing to see how tastefully and beautifully it was all made into reality.  Derrick and his crew from Brothers Building Company were on the job site, making the process as smooth as can be.  I was fortunate to have two great assistants Caroline Bach and Elliot Jenkins.

 Building a Nest/Pod Window Seat:

Original sketch. 99% approved, just had to make the entrance larger.

Flat panel cut to make 1/4 cone shape for back inside the window seat. Similar to making the crown for the Zakk Wylde photoshoot with Clay Patrick McBride.

I used a cone calculator, made the cut extra large, clamped and screwed it onto the frame, and then trimmed with a Dremel Mult-Max.



Organizing sticks. A section of nearby land had been trimmed and we were able to grab the precut saplings... doesn't get too much easier than that.

Elliot and I tied the structural limbs in place.

Caroline did the intricate work along the bottom skirt and a simpatico element under the adjacent window bench with a pop-up tv!

Final Photos...