Meanwhile, back at the trailer... - Pink Flamingos

I'm still setting up the shop... In the meantime check out these sites: -=- I worked for Middlebury College assisting environmental artist Patrick Dougherty ( for the month of Sept. What an amazing experience! The College Museum is a real powerhouse giving unlimited support to the project led by the most gracious, talented, artist/boss you could ever imagine. The result was a community coming together and collaborating on a fanta'stick'ally beautiful work of Art. A special thanks goes out to a special friend, Middlebury's Divaman!!!!, Dr. Francois Clemmons for letting me crash at his pad. His site is -=- Tyler Kremberg is a personality and a half. Check out his site for a humorous take on music, cities, the internet, and anything else you can think of. -=- Ari continually puts together rock solid mixes. Check out the song Etienne D'Aout by Malajube on the "july '07" mix, it is a dream and a half.



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