Current Projects

The new studio is nearing completion and in the meantime I would like to introduce the 4 main projects that I am excited about completing. The longest running, and closest to completion is a Diesel swap into a Kawasaki Enduro kx 125 with a 5hp Yanmar Diesel and a CVT transmission. Most likely to be finished soonest, despite the untimely weather, is a solar powered Yankees baseball themed birdbath water fountain. Third project, a Punsun air-cooled 22hp diesel transplant into a 1968 VW Beetle. It goes without saying, the diesel engines will run on biofuel. The last big project is the installation of a custom made Waste Veggie Oil conversion into an International Harvester Scout 4x4. As a way to organize this blog, and my work, I plan on sticking with one project, more or less, until its completion. This will also prevent my studio from becoming a junkyard of half finished projects. A bunch of smaller projects will also be going on including ebaying, building furniture, and hopefully some personal artwork!



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