Finishing Touches

The Scout's Nissan SD 33T Engine actually has a trickle of a fuel return and it was impossible to get an accurate reading of the fuel's temperature. The next best spot to put the sensor is on the injector nozzle. The nozzles get hot and heat up the fuel before it is sprayed. To do this I cut a FPT brass tee's straight section in half, screwed the sensor into the tee until it was the lowest part of the open side, and hose clamped it to an injector nozzle.

The wiring guy installed the gauges and switches inside the Scout. There are three Cyberdyne LED gauges (fuel level, temp, and vacuum), a two way pull out switch for the return/loop and switching to veggie, and then an on/off switch for turning on the injector heaters. With the heaters off the nozzles are 180+ degrees and with the heater on they get to 200+ degrees.



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