The Banjo Bolt connecting the return line to the top of the filter must be sealed shut to stop the fuels from mixing. The Scout uses a Nissan SD 33 which borrows a lot of its design from the old bullet proof Mercedes engines which included this same fuel return setup.

The Nissan version actually had a check valve in the bolt to only let out excess fuel from the filter, but it was not a perfect system and I could pull air the wrong way with my lungs... I sealed it with a welder.

The stock setup of the lift pump feeding the filter gets reversed so the veggie can share the lift pump and luckily the needed prefabbed high pressure hose was long enough to swap and connect the lift pump right to the injection pump.



ari j said... February 29, 2008 at 11:10 AM  

this is all pretty exciting, man. looking forward to reading more.

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