Bye George...

Preface: ... Here is an article about the website R.I.P.  I had stumbled upon it looking for a good image of President Bush's face to superimpose onto the G.O.P. Elephant.  I later found out that I was launched by a friend, Alex Reeves!

On an artistic note: I had always been a fan of The Third-Class Carriage by 
Honoré Daumier.  Not just because of the subject matter, but because of the ability to see the artist's painting process.  The work depicts an everyday life scene, commoners riding a train, during the brink of industrialization.  When you look closely you can actually see the priliminary lines used to map out the scene on the canvas.  After mapping out a foot x foot chalk grid on the steel and plasma cutting my Bush Elephant I decided to leave the lines behind to pay homage to Daumier.

Getting on with it..... The chalk eventually wore away, but luckily a white crayon makes an identical mark and stays put.  Here is a photo of me redrawing the lines on the Bush Elephant in its new home, 6 feet below grade, in a finished basement of a private residence in New Jersey.

Footer:  In hanging the steel cut-out, determining the distance from the wall was extremely important.  The steel casts shadows that needed to be vivid enough to be seen, but not too close to the original edge as to be hidden.



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