Three's Company...

In need of a Keyboard case? This one went from trash to treasure. After checking out the store-bought options, this Frankenstein case seemed to be the best route. I found a discarded Peavey bass case and used a Dremel Rotozip to cut away the old foam, form fit for a bass guitar, to now fit the keyboard. I then lined the inside with fabric from Ikea's end-cut bin. Upon first use, the handle broke, so I fixed that too! When I had found it the brass/bolt configuration was already in play, but now it has a glue/tape job on the other side of the handle, and a peg/glue/staple job for the middle of the handle.

I was fortunate to take the course Textiles and Beyond taught by the Icelandic textile-genius, Hildur Bjarnadóttir. We learned all about working in wool and now, 8 years later, I had a relapse. I bought some felting needles and went to town mixing the raw wool fiber into a prefabbed army/navy store black wool scarf.

The patina on the TV stand built last year gave a great rusted finish, but it kept going, and it kept rusting and rusting. I went to its home in Carroll Gardens and CLR'ed it and then put a fresh coat of paste wax on top. The finish looks great, and has not rusted at all in months... fingers crossed.



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