TV Stand Design Process

I've been living in NYC, away from my CT studio, and have taken advantage of Google's SketchUp to help flush out the design for a TV Stand commission before actually starting the work. It's a great program and really helped with the communication process getting the design to be exactly what is wanted. The images start at the bottom and go up as the design was edited.

The bottom SketchUp drawing was the starting point. It's my own very industrial aesthetic and served as a bare bones base to add ideas to.

I was asked to make the Stereo area be enclosed to protect the equipment from dust and was sent the next image from the Design Within Reach website. The image above the DWR is how I adapted my table to work with the new specs.

The next image up is from the Anthropologie website and was sent to me as an example of the desired color and openness. The image on top was the final and accepted design. I'm now in CT gathering the materials and getting ready to start.



NURSE FACTORY said... December 10, 2008 at 2:33 AM  

yay! let the process begin!

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