Play Ball

The Bats I strung up on a wire and painted metallic cobalt blue, worked well. They add nice color. In addition to the flags, I also added red feet to the pentagon base to tie it together better. I filled the corners with "great stuff" to (try to) prevent rusting. I don't know if I would call it "great stuff" per se, but it's definitely interesting.

I bought a baseball and went to town drawing lines on it and used online circle calculators... I couldn't figure anything out... but in the end, pretty much went with what looked good, versus what the "dead on balls" accurate representation of a that exact section of a sphere would be. I used a Bucky Shwartz technique of drawing a straight line at one perspective, to give a nice curve at another. I made a stamp out of a sponge for the laces and painted the rest in by hand.



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