Cutting the Metal for the Base

From the graph paper sketch I was able to purchase stock metal and machine it into the pieces that make up the 5 Yankee facades. I still need to cut the columns, but here are the other pieces laid out in order.

Cutting the top bar was the easiest, just a chop saw.

The tops of the columns I cut with a hole saw and then straightened the sides with a band saw and grinding wheel.

The circular windows I cut out with a drill bit. I used a mini milling machine when cutting the holes and column tops and stacked the metal together to do all 5 at a time.

The Arches I cut with a little jig saw. Metal was hitting my face so I put on glasses. Then, because the glasses didn't provide 360 degree protection I still got some metal in my eye. I tried flushing it out for days, but then in my sleep it got lodged in my eye and I went to have it removed.

I waited 4 hours in the waiting room, 1 hour in the "operating room," and a doctor came and took it out in 15 minutes. For $1600 I learned to use the $1 googles I got at Ocean State Job Lot...



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