http://biodiesel.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/159605551/m/3541021232, thanks Reggie, I'm going with your idea here. I'm going to go use SS wire instead of the cupron, I put on the cupron and found that it is so thin that it is hard to work with and easily burns itself out.

Here are the McMaster items for the new line heaters:

Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire .032" Diameter, 1/4-lb Coil, 91 ft/Coil

HI-Temp Chemical-Resistant PTFE Sleeving .034" ID, for 20 Awg Wire

High-Temperature Crimp-on Butt Splice Noninsulated, 22-18 Awg, 900 Degree F Temp Rating, Packs of 100

392 Degree F Chemical Resistant Wire 18 Awg, .068" OD, 600 VAC, Red

When these parts come in I'll rewrap the inj lines with teflon 3 mil tape, wrap the ss teflon coated wire around the inj lines, install the high temp wiring componenets, cover the heaters with silicone tape and a final layer of thermal exhaust manifold tape I bought from AutoZone.

So frustrating, I would be done under the hood and finishing up the rest this weekend if the cupron had worked like the guy who sold me it said it would. It took hours and hours of now unbillable time... How much longer now till it's all done? Not much... If I had known how long this part would take I would have just ordered the heater line from FattyWagons like I have before.

Another Edit... by request of the owner and for aesthetic reasons the filler to the veg tank is going to be placed on the same side, and just ahead of the diesel tank filler.

Edit to a Side Note: A Mercedes diesel expert came to look at the conversion and said that the design of the sd 33 is only loosely based on the diesels MB put into the W123 chassis.

Tank Paint Edit: Instead of the Industrial enamel paint that I mentioned for the tank, I ordered special tank liner and exterior sealer paint from Summit.

I've done a conversion in 3 days, starting with nothing, drinking redbull and rush ordering parts. You go into stores, see what they have, and make it work. Decisions are based on what's available more than anything else. It works, but with a rare and cool vehicle like this, I can't just put in the parts that get the job done or it will stick out like a sore thumb...



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