Back in Black

After about a Month of not being able to get into my studio because of the door being locked by the management (nothing that I had to do with) I have finally been able to get back in. A Diesel Scout WVO conversion project sat there untouched for the entire time, much to my (and the owners!!!) chagrin. Now the fun begins and the photos will start being posted. I've already made some progress and don't foresee the the entire project taking all that long now that the ball is rolling.

In some very exciting news... ME, I made the news! Stonington Times newspaper that is! Russ Morey wrote a Fantastic article about the ArtWelderAndy Studio and Cheryl Albaine took some great photographs. Many thanks to the Stonington Times for the Article! Click HERE to check it out. This Post's photograph is one of the several taken by Cheryl and is of me showing Russ the Kawasaki Enduro Yanmar Diesel Engine Swap I've been working on.



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