Graph Theory

The bowl is too heavy for me to lift up high enough to set it on the bats... I know, wimpy wimpy. Also, in this photo, it's hard to see past all the clutter.

Since the last post, I ran rods up the corners of the pentagon, that go through the dish and into the bat, keeping everything in place. I put eye hooks on each inside corner of the base and on each handle of the bats. I hung a tensioner up near the bat handle and threaded a 40' length of steel wire up and down to support each bat. Hopefully tomorrow I can make a friend and get someone to help me lift the bowl so I can adjust the cable to hold things together properly.

In talking with my brother, who thought the bats would be painted silver, I decided to paint them a deep metallic blue. I already purchased a stain and sealer to coat the bats, but was looking for a way to add more color to the whole fountain, and remembered how much metallic paint shines when I heard "silver." Generally my style is to leave things raw and unpainted, "but chil', this is for a Diva."



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