Sensitive Fuel

I installed the vacuum sensor right to the output side of the fuel selecting solenoid. Whether you are running diesel or veg this sensor with tell you how hard the lift pump is sucking to pull the fuel through the filter, and if its sucking too hard, you know you need a new filter.

I also installed a fuel temp sensor on the return line. This will tell the temp of both the diesel and veg as well. By having it on the return line I get a sample of fuel that went along the same path as the fuel that was sprayed into the engine, but took a different path in life. I've seen some located where I put the vacuum sensor, but after the oil hits all those metal components of the engine it is bound to have its temp affected. Before you switch to veg, it will be reading the temp of the diesel which will show how warmed up the engine is and if you are ready to switch.



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